Show HN: AI Generated Short Video Hey everyone, I have always wanted to content. I enjoy creating videos and watching other's creations! Being a programmer, I decided to create an AI pipeline which can create textual scripts and churn out thousands of videos / blogs on a daily basis given any topic. This is my first video and I would appreciate any comments and suggestions regarding it but I am particularly interested in hearing about tips and tricks / content format which can be followed to make the such video more fun and intuitive to watch. Also looking for advice if this can be monetised maybe saas or ads or something completely different. I would also want to know if anyone of you would be interested in such an AI tool. The Video: Specifically, what I wanted to ask: What are the specific things you liked and what you didn't. Would there have been a better format for me to have made this video to deliver the message more effectively? Are there any concepts things I can look up that may help me improve my videos generation. Thank you again! October 12, 2020 at 02:24PM